Global Asset Manager

Profeta Investments is a global asset manager focused on delivering high absolute returns. Our portfolios are high conviction and we take a long-term view. We invest in quality businesses when their valuations are attractive. We seek out growing companies with strong balance sheets where management teams are strongly aligned with shareholders.

The management team of Profeta Investments have a large amount of our wealth invested in the Profeta Global Investments Fund. We are dedicated to delivering strong returns for clients and ourselves over the long-term, ensuring our interests are firmly aligned.

Garry Laurence

Managing Director / Chief Investment Officer

Garry Laurence is the founder and portfolio manager at Profeta Investments

As an experienced portfolio manager, he has been investing in global equities and other asset classes, both listed and unlisted, for a number of decades.

Garry established the Perpetual Global Share Fund in 2011 and grew it to circa $1 billion under management. He has a track record of generating double-digit returns in global equities at Perpetual Investments for over a decade.

Garry has also held senior investment positions at PM Capital and Morgan Stanley.

Garry launched Profeta Investments to focus on generating absolute returns for clients with a long-term focus on compounding capital.

Garry Laurence

Timothy Cheung

Investment Committee member

Timothy has over twenty years worth of experience in global markets.

Timothy has held senior investment roles at CFSGAM, Perpetual Investments and Morphic Asset Management. He is also the Co-founder of Mantis Funds.

Timothy has extensive experience investing in companies across Asia and Australia as well as the financials and industrials sectors globally.

Uri Laurence

Investment Committee Member and Chief Financial Officer

Uri has over fifty years worth of experience in managing and investing in global companies, mainly in Australia and Europe.

He was the founder and managing director of U.R.I Printing Industries as well as the founder and managing director of Image Depot, a software company.

Uri is currently the chairman of BUGE Pty Ltd, an investment holding company as well as the Chief Financial Officer of Profeta Pty Ltd.

Benjamin Rosswick

Advisory board member

Benjamin has over twenty years worth of experience in global markets.

He has worked at various investment banks around the world in London, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Ben was head of Foreign Exchange options Asia Pacific at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He also held senior position in foreign exchange and derivatives at Societe Generale in Hong Kong and Deutsche Bank in London.

Frank Restuccia

Advisory board member

Frank is the co-founder of Finder.

Finder is a global online business spanning more than 80 countries.  It is Australia’s most visited comparison platform attracting 2.4 million people each month. Finder is a privately owned business that has never raised external capital.

Frank is a member of the banking advisory committee to the Data Standards Body of the Commonwealth Treasury. He is also a member of the Energy Advisory Committee to the Data Standards Body of the Commonwealth Treasury.

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